Terms and Conditions



The presentation of products in our online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a non-catalog dar. 
If an ordered product is temporarily out of stock, short term no longer in stock or for any other reason not available for sale, we reserve the right to to replace the product with at least an equivalent and similar product. 
"Complete Order" after entering your personal data and click the button in the final step of the ordering process, you place a binding order in the basket of goods. 
The confirmation of the order follows immediately after placing your order. The purchase comes with our delivery confirmation or delivery of goods. If you get within 2 weeks no delivery confirmation or delivery from us, you are no longer bound to your order.

Partial deliveries

 We are entitled to partial deliveries as far as is reasonable for you. Additional shipping costs unless an explicit agreement.


Retention of title

 The delivered goods remain our property until full payment.


Price and shipping

 All prices are gross prices including VAT. Prices do not include the cost of packaging and shipping. The packaging and shipping costs depend on the quantity of goods ordered and the shipment and are in front of you submitting your order clearly communicated. The shipping costs are related to a package; arise from the ordering multiple packages, then fall accordingly higher shipping costs. A packaging balloon or gift in the balloon because of the product dimensions are only sent in a DHL package, so shipping costs, this charge per balloon ("period, with order of two packaging balloon / gift in a balloon twice to the DHL package fee). For this purpose, at the conclusion is of the order as "shipping method" according to the number of such "2x DHL package" option.

Method of payment "in advance with PayPal" maximum for invoice or payment amount is 100,- €. Calculation for the payment by PayPal PayPal us a fee of 3,- €, the fee is provided by us for orders by this payment method in invoice.

Join us in connection with a "payment on delivery program" for a product to be packaged and / or money to give away in gift presentation / performance, we charge a submission fee (interest).
This submission fee (rate) for the duration of the original 15% of the money to give away a monetary amount for which we have entered into a template.
For a COD shipment, the duration of reimbursement from the DHL to our bank account 14 days, thus the duration of the original rule by us 14 days.
The amount of template fee will we be added to the COD amount collected, and thus with the program delivery by DHL.
Example calculation template fee (interest) money template:
Height of the packed (to be give away) cash gift which we interpret to advance /: 300, - €
Duration of presentation: 14 days
Submission fee (interest): 15% of original amount
This gives a level of submission fee for a 14-day present of 1.75 €.


Packaging and shipping costs at a glance

    * DHL package Package balloon / gift in a balloon: 6,95 €
* DHL parcel: 4,50 €
Expresszustelllung *: 20,00 €
* Inside European Union: 17, - €
* COD: 7,00 € plus DHL package
* If your order on ship size and weight with a package can be as Books, accessories, etc., we will inform you and adjust the total price accordingly. A packet-shipped by DHL but not insured.
* Due to the product dimension is no standard packaging, the following charges:
* Plus Size (longest + shortest side = 120cm package): 10,00 €
* Bulky (longest + shortest package page> 120cm): 26,00 €


Note the date of delivery

 If necessary, you can also contact us within the basket in the "Comments to order" the required delivery date (eg date of birth or marriage) say. We try, if all the conditions of producing and shipping the orders are given (such as complete ordering information, correct receipt of payment), your order on time to your preferred date and you have them delivered by a delivery partner (usually DHL).


Treaty text

 The contract will be filed. You can use the general terms and conditions at any time on this page and save it to your computer. The actual order and the general conditions of contract will also be sent by email.



 The estimated delivery time, please refer to the product description. If there are no claims are made to deliver orders within 10 days. If necessary, you can also contact us within the basket in the "Comments to order" the required delivery date (eg date of birth or marriage) say. For frist-/zeitgerechten shipping / delivery by our delivery partner (usually DHL), we make no guarantee, this guarantee is associated with delivery of the item to the shipping company on this.



 You may cancel your contract within two weeks without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the goods, unless you have acted in the exercise of your commercial or professional activities (orders by entrepreneurs). The period begins with receipt of the goods and detailed information in written form. During this period it is sufficient to send the cancellation or the goods. The revocation must be sent to:

Li-La-Luftikus balloon art, Prof. ripple-Str. 19a, 55765 Birkenfeld, Germany



 In the case of an effective cancellation the mutually received benefits and any benefits (eg interest). Can you give us the performance received whole or in part only in a deteriorated condition, you must pay us compensation for the value. This does not apply if the deterioration of the goods to their examination, as they would in a retail store, that is. In addition, you can avoid the compensation obligation by not taking the goods as your property and avoid everything that could reduce its value. Transportable items are to be returned at our risk. Non-transportable goods will be picked up.

You have to bear the cost of return if the delivered goods ordered and if the price of the commodity is worth more than 40, - € does not exceed or if you are at a higher price the thing is not at the time of the cancellation, compensation or a contractually agreed part payment provided.

The revocation does not exist for

* Goods that are produced according to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal needs or which by their nature are not suitable for return or spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed,

- End of the cancellation -



 The warranty is subject to legal regulations, but we in the event of a shortage of the product of your choice once or that. If the repair is unsuccessful or if the product also defective, you can return the product and refund the full purchase price or keep the goods and the purchase price. Information about any manufacturer warranty of the product documentation.

 Damaged Deliveries

Was your shipment delivered damaged or missing parts of the content, so you have the option, if it is a DHL package-shipping is the damage and / or the loss of your (next) DHL package-station or Post office to complain. Please, follow this page. The DHL packages are up to an amount of 500, - Euro, but only if the conduct of the claimant as of the DHL is lower than described.

Only in this way we can guarantee a replacement or a repair and ensure the payment of damages.


written quotations and tenders

For the preparation of written quotations and offers, we will charge a processing fee of 19,95 €. This commission is any contract and billing charged by us with the total amount.

You can contact our customer service weekdays 9:00 to 19:00 by phone: 06782/40295 or via email at sohns@lilaluftikus.de.